Boat Conservation: Week 3


It’s hard to believe that our boat conservation work is nearing it’s half-way mark. With the weather still on our side, our team of conservators and volunteers have been making great progress on our fishing boats. This week, we had the challenging task of turning over one of our fishing boats so that the keel and hull could be treated.

It isn’t something that happens very often in our museum, so we were all very excited to see this happen and it certainly did require a huge team effort from all of our staff. Guided by our specialist conservator Kelvin, we were able to fully rotate Grace and sit her upside down on some trestles so that the scraping and sanding down could begin. It was completed with pure man (and woman) power, as we lifted the boat unaided and used all of our strength to keep her fully supported during the repositioning.

We set-up our time lapse camera and the still shots below provide an insight into how the over turn happened:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The requirement for superb teamwork has been vital over the last month and with our volunteers contributing more than 60 hours between themselves to assist with the conservation work, it has been a truly rewarding month – not only for the project but in terms of seeing our volunteers grow in the knowledge and skills that they gain.  Here are just a few comments from them to sum up their experiences so far:

“The boats are so interesting, and so is being able to help with the boats”

“There’s so many things that can be done alongside the required work that would make them the highlight of the museum for future visitors”

“It’s more than just scraping and painting, it’s about the history of the boats”

“I’m excited to see them at the end, when all of the work is done and they look better”





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