Travelling Back In Time…

Last week we had the very exciting chance to see some photographs of the Coronation first arriving at the museum back in 2004! The photographs were taken by our conservator Kelvin who is currently out the conservation work. He remembers the Coronation being delivered to the museum and first coat of paint she received.

It’s the first time we’ve able to record and document what the Coronation looked like upon her arrival and in terms of preserving her history, it will allow us to enhance her records and the information documented about her history.

The Coronation in her previous home:

coronation 003

As she is transported to and arrives at the museum:

coronation 007

coronation 008

Being situated into her new home:

coronation 015

coronation 017

The Coronation after she receives her first treatment and coat of paint, ready for our visitors:

coronation 012

coronation 013

Not only that, but following Kelvin showing these photographs, one of our volunteers Maurice was also able to dig out some of his images from 2004 when the Coronation first arrived. We were very excited to see that these photographs showed Kelvin and David hard at work. We are very lucky to have found such important images that document the conservation history of this vessel and can contribute to what we know and understand of her history as an object within our collections. It goes to show that one can never too take many photos!

Kelvin and Coronation June 2004

(Above: Maurice’s photographs show the first round of conservation works on the Coronation)


(Above: Kelvin and David)

Kelvin and Coronation 2004

(Above: Kelvin keeping between the lines)

Kelvin and Dave 2004

Once the conservation work is completed on our boats, we will look towards new ways of documenting the stories of our vessels, from their life at sea, to arriving at the museum and now as complete this important stage of preservation work. We hope that we will be able to collect more photographs like this and any memories or stories that contribute to the history of our boats and Great Yarmouth’s maritime history. The first stage will be to enhance and update our object records for these boats and we will now be able to provide a much improved photographic record for the Coronation due to finds such as these photographs.




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