Surprise Discoveries

Often we think of archives or stores when discovering objects and digging up old treasures, however last week our project assistant Jen was delighted to find this photo from 2004 hidden away in a folder on the computer.

Coronation 2004

It shows the Coronation YH 671 having arrived at Time & Tide, being carefully lowered into position in the courtyard. Looking very different to how she’s usually seen with her red, white and blue colour.

In terms of telling the story of a museum object, from origin to it becoming part of the collections, photographs such are hugely important at providing information and a visual record of an event that happened.

There are still a few members of staff working at the museum who can remember this day, or at least identify those in the photograph, which adds to the legacy of the Coronation and the importance of being able to showcase and preserve historic vessels such as this one.


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