Great Yarmouth Maritime Collections

Time and Tide museum tells the story of Great Yarmouth and its herring industry and the lingering aroma of the smokehouse remains today. The maritime collection is of regional significance with the emphasis being on Yarmouth, Norfolk and the North Sea. A broad range of maritime subjects are covered; fishing, fish curing, shipwreck and lifesaving, merchant trade, shipbuilding and supporting maritime trades such as sailmaking. Other things also represented within our collection include; navigation, seaside holidays, offshore exploration, Nelson and lifeboats. The maritime collections are made up of photographs, paintings, boat models, oral histories, letters and papers.

Within the maritime collection, we have three historic vessels that are on display in our courtyard and will be the heart of the Sea History Differently project.

The Fishing Vessels

We have three fishing vessels: The Coronation YH671, a Yarmouth Shrimper and two beach skiffs; Shipmates and Grace. You can visit them in our courtyard and learn more about them here on our blog.

One of the three fishing vessels permanently on display in the courtyard of the Time and Tide Museum is The Coronation YH671, a Clinker built shrimp fishing boat, built in Great Yarmouth in 1902 by Beeching & Bros. The Yarmouth Shrimper was a product of the boom in seaside holidays during the Victorian period. Shrimp fishermen aimed to get home to boil their catch of shrimps in time to sell to visitors out for their afternoon walk.

The Coronation YH671 as she looks currently and the ‘before’ conservation begins shot

Here’s the Coronation first arriving at the museum in 2004:

coronation 008 coronation 017

And after she received a much needed coat (or few) of paint

coronation 013