Boat Conservation

Here you will be able to keep up to date with our boat diaries as we document the conservation work taking places on our 3 historic vessels – the Coronation YH671, Shipmates and Grace over the summer.


At the start of June, our conservation team of staff and volunteers begun work on our 3 boats and although the work has taken longer than first expected we are in the final stages…..

The Coronation YH671:

Due to the size of this vessel, she will remain in our courtyard and current position whilst undergoing all conservation work. The majority of the work is treatment based and will be carried out by our specialist boat conservator Kelvin with support from Norfolk Museums Service conservator David. As they carry out the repair work and treatment procedures, they will be able to share this with the volunteers and museum staff to ensure that their knowledge in collections care and conservation is preserved.


Following a visit to Kelvin’s workshop, where he carried out all structural repair work to her hull before scraping and removing all rotting and lose paint she has now been returned to the museum. By moving the boat to the specialist workshop, it has allowed Kelvin to carry out work when the weather conditions could not allow any outdoor work at the museum.


Is currently undergoing the last of all necessary work which will see all of the damaged and worn surface removed, along with any lose areas of paint – which so far has come in many layers. We are beginning to get an understanding of just how much paint has been applied over the years and it highlights the importance of stripping back the boat to uncover its history and functions as both a leisure and fishing boat.